A story

– No, you are wearing too many clothes. Look at me I …

The neighbor did not wait for a second invitation, quickly took off his pants and shirt, then pulled and boxers. She watched him lustfully.

– Now you can come.

He walked over and waved sheet of it. She stood up, pulled him close and kissed him, causing his tongue deep into his throat. Then pushed him on the bed. He lay down, only looking with excitement, eager to fuck.

She straddled and sat on it so that his penis stuck behind her ass. He began to rub her ass cheeks in him and he moaned. She then rise up and stood so that her vagina was over his cock. He touched it lightly with pubic lips, rubbed it and withdrew. He groaned louder. She stood up, sat down beside him and began to grope his chest, then abdomen, inner thighs, as thoroughly surrounded the penis, which irritated him so much. He stopped for a moment to touch him and grabbed his chest. He began to massage them slowly, running a finger nipples. He leaned over him and slipped the nipple on one breast in his mouth. He sucked his hands covered her buttocks and squeezed it hard.

Shortly thereafter Hell again back and sat astride on it. Again he began to tease his penis, but already rubbing it in bright, even sat down for a bit so that it almost put him. But he backed away and fell down. He approached her lips to his cock and slowly licked it. He groaned blissfully. Then stroked his testicles, then the hips. Then gently sucked the glans penis suction it awhile, then suddenly it swallowed almost whole. The man he thought he would lose consciousness, was so nice.

Ada stood up and leaned over to the nightstand for a condom. In this movement it nadupi opposite him and he reached for her ass. He stroked it with her finger and then suddenly slipped it into her anus. She froze as was bent, and punched him. Groaned. Let him slip your index finger still, it felt great. When he suddenly pulled it out, she turned quickly and breathlessly said:

– I want you. Immediately.

He quickly put a condom. She sat back on it and scored a movement of his hard penis. Moaned so loudly that the whole block could hear her.

– Yes!

He grabbed her ass cheeks and began to move quickly in it. It also moved, eager to push his cock deeper into yourself.

– Yes! Yes! Yes!

With one hand he pushed her clit and it made her forget where it is. He began to move more quickly, it also. Both moaned loudly and ran very fast and almost simultaneously.